Calling Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Ready for a Revenue Breakthrough

You’re invited to a one-of-a-kind journey. 1/28/13 – 3/22/13

It’s free. It’s fiery. And it will change the way you do business, forever.

Revealed…Simple Steps to Double Your Income, Create A FUN Business Plan, and Change the World With Your Special Gifts! All While Being Your Authentic Self.

Featuring over 25 luminaries … including Authors – Amy Ahlers, Christine Arylo, Jeneth Blackert … Keynote – Sage Lavine … Business Goddesses – Leonie Dawson, Alexis Neely, Lisa Cherney, Elizabeth Purvis, Amethyst Wyldfyre … Priestesses – Devaa Haley Mitchell, Elayne Kalila Doughty … and many more extraordinary guides I’ve hand-picked for this year’s odyssey.

Walk Away with Specific Money-Making Tips from Each Visionary Leader. Say Goodbye to Business Drudgery — and say Hello to a Plan that Lights You Up!

Pic 1 (right side of immediate download box)Immediate download: Register now and you will receive 2 free gifts right away, to begin your journey:

  • Exclusive Report: How to Create a Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Plan – Answers to Your Top 5 Questions and Biggest Concerns – Practical info you can use right away to take aligned action
  • Temple of Your Succulent Business MeditationTitillating insights

Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring your whole self to business, make abundant money with your unique gifts, and change the world while you’re at it? (Yes, you really can do this!)

Pic 2 (to right of paragraph starting - Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring your whole self to business)If you want to create a thriving business sharing your unique gifts, you need 3 things: 1) burning desire, 2) a simple step-by-step PLAN that tells you exactly what to do first, second, third; and 3) consistent, inspired, aligned action.

The problem is that most creative entrepreneurs (like you) go into business with too many ideas and too little training in making necessary decisions.

They don’t know how to bring all of themselves to their business — so they get frustrated and don’t take consistent, aligned action (the key to business results!)

What you need is a step-by-step plan to bring all the pieces of yourself to your business, in the unique way that feels fantastic to you. So you’re on fire and inspired to take aligned action every day. This is your succulent, savvy soul-full business plan.

You need a juicy business plan (not some boring, dusty pile of paper!) — one that emerges from deep within you, and is in 100% alignment purified of any limiting beliefs.

flamy symbolAre you ready for a quantum leap? What if, in just 8 weeks (or less) you could. . .

  • Get more clients and cash (and feel really good about it)?
  • Stop dreaming about ideas — and start bringing them to life with a viable business model?
  • Create an aligned action plan so you stop avoiding your next steps and get fired up with momentum?

You really can attract clients & make money being authentic, sparkly, yummy YOU! Join us for the Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Revolution and we will show you how.

unique No boring lectures. No talking heads giving you the Zzzzzz.

We’ll take you on an interactive odyssey — an 8-module journey. Each week we will work on a key aspect of your business. Look out, 2013: this is gonna rock!

Pic 4 (centered next to - Get lit up, feel that fiery passion)-

Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn from the best mission-driven spiritual entrepreneurs in business. (Modules described in a lot more detail below).

Get lit up, feel that fiery passion, and create irresistible momentum! You’ll create your own unique, juicy business plan for extraordinary, unprecedented results—one that’s so absolutely, revolutionarily you that you can’t wait to implement it!

Each innovative speaker will reveal money-making and action-taking secrets that they personally used to create their success..

Each week, we’ll guide you through step-by-step practices to create a key piece of your business plan. Our calls are going to be intimate and intense and action-oriented.

I’ve hand-picked a fabulous panel of experts, and I promise you that you’re going to feel empowered and inspired.

You’ll get tons of tips — but we’ll make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed! We’ve sliced this yummy pie into easy-to-handle chunks. supported by an amazing tribe in our Facebook group. Woo hoo!

During the 8-week Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Revolution, you’ll receive:

  • Revenue breakthrough strategies you can start implementing right away so you can bring in the cash you need and deserve
  • Do-it-now actions for creating a prosperous business that showers your gifts on the world and pays you what you’re worth
  • Practices and strategies that create alchemical shifts from fear to faith
  • Secrets to heartfelt marketing that magnetizes your tribe and keeps your books overflowing with dream clients

Pic 5 (right side of box that says During the 8-week Succulent, Savvy)
You’ll learn how to:

  • Stay connected to your soul’s mission so you stay energized every day
  • Overcome inner obstacles to prosperity
  • Market yourself from the inside out so you magnetize your ideal clients
  • Nourish your physical body to fuel your business and sustain its growth
  • Create the solid business, legal and technology foundations you need to skyrocket to success


Yes, I want to double my income before March 2013 AND I want an action plan I can’t wait to implement. I’m going to make this my best year ever for my business and my life. I’m ready!!


moduletop section1

Starting From Within

Inner Vibrational Alignment Creates Effortless, Effective Action and Wealth



Module 1: Tapping into Your Big Why is the Key to Everything You Want

1/28 – 1/31 – When running a business, you face all kinds of challenges, fears, and doubts. Many creative entrepreneurs get stuck here — but you don’t have to! Knowing your big why is the key to overcoming all these challenges gracefully and manifesting everything you want. In this module you’ll learn how to discover and harness the power of your big why to overcome the obstacles you’ll inevitably face.

Leaders: Sage Lavine (Keynote), Jeneth Blackert, Elayne Kalila Doughty

Module 2: Scintillating Mind-Set Shifts: Get Paid to Be Your True Self

2/5-2/7 – Think you can’t really get paid to be your true self? Doubt whether you can create a thriving business based on your passions? If you’re reading this page, part of you knows you can do it! This module shows you how to shift your vibration so you can stand in the truth of your own value, really own it, and get paid to be yourself. Make the money you want by sharing your amazing gifts!

AmyAhlers christinearlyo KarenRusso2
Leaders: Amy Ahlers, Christine Arlyo, Karen Russo

Module 3: Quantum Money Leap – Create Succulent Revenue Breakthroughs Now

2/12-2/14 – Chances are, you’d like your business to make more money — am I right? Whether you’re struggling to pay the bills or just ready for the next level of success, we’ll show you how. Learn to magnetize more money by turning within and shifting your vibration and consciousness. Plus, you’ll create your customized 3-5 year plan that makes hitting the 6-figure mark an attainable reality.

Leaders: Therese Skelly, Leela Somaya, Zahra Efan

moduletop section2

Emerging Into the Outer World


Blissful Marketing and Sales Straight From the Heart and Into Your Bank Account



Module 4: Passionate Marketing You Love & Can’t Wait to Do

2/19 – 2/22 – Does the word “marketing” give you the ick? Creative entrepreneurs often shy away from it because it feels fake, unnatural, or needy. What if you could market yourself in a way that felt authentic, natural, and heartfelt? In this module, you’ll learn how to capitalize on the extraordinary fuel of your big why to create customized marketing that you and your dream clients find absolutely irresistible!

lisacherney Angela_Johnson_headshotanastasia-Netrielizabeth-purvis1-lowres
Leaders: Lisa Cherney, Angella Johnson, Anastasia Netri, Elizabeth Purvis

Module 5: Get Over Sales Fear & Have Fun Sharing Your Gifts

2/25-3/1 – Does sales scare you? So many of us creative entrepreneurs avoid it out of fear. Here’s the good news: there’s a way to sell that feels fun, natural, and easy. In this module, you’ll learn accessible, whip-smart sales techniques. It’s all about stimulating, satisfying, and successful conversations with your right people. We’ll show you how to overcome sales fear, dread, and gloom — and turn it into something you love doing!

Erika-Lyremark brandyandvinca_smallUrsulaMentjes_1maidaErika-Watson-Loved.Seenamethystwyldfyre
Leaders: Erika Lyremark, Brandy Mychals and Vinca Heart, Ursula Mentjes, Susanna Maida, Erika Watson, Amethyst Wyldfyre

Module 6: Master Getting Your Message Out to Exactly the Right People

3/4-3/8 – You’re doing amazing work — but how many people know about it? You want to spread the word — but how? The happy truth is: your tribe is waiting for you … they just don’t know about you yet. In this module, you’ll learn how to share your powerful message through speaking, blogging, lucrative partnerships, fearless launches, and more.

Leaders: Amanda Johnson, Jonathan Bender, Teresa de Grosbois, Leonie Dawson, Tanya Paluso, Anne Samoilov

moduletop section3

Your Body and the Body Of Your Business

Essential Foundations For Your Succulent, Savvy and Soul-Full Business



Module 7: Nourishing the Temple of Your Body to Find the Key to All Wealth

3/12-3/15 – When we’re focused on creating a business we love, it’s easy to neglect our own well-being. Are you making your body and your self-care a priority? You really don’t have to! When you focus on self-care, your capacity to focus and be effective in your business increases exponentially. You have access to clarity, resilience, and the ability to stay grounded even with a lot going on. In this module, you’ll learn practical steps to connect more deeply to your body — so you rock your body, soul, and business!

Sharon-Crawfordsusan_mathison DevaaHaleyMitchell
Leaders: Sharon Crawford, Susan Mathison, Devaa Haley Mitchell

Module 8: Glorious Foundations: Tech, Legal, Financial and More

3/18-3/22 – With so much fun, juicy stuff to focus on in your business, it’s easy to neglect those “booooring” other aspects — like technology, legal, financial, and support systems. The good news: it doesn’t have to be a headache! We’ll show you the simple steps you can take in all of these areas to get them handled smoothly and swiftly. You’ll be amazed how a little work here frees up more time and energy for you to stay in your zone of genius. In this module, you’ll learn to establish a solid and secure foundation of systems, structures, and teams to energize your business and allow your soul to soar. Plus, our experts know how to make this practical stuff fun, sweet, and easy to engage.

alisonmarks Alexis-NeelyRebecca-Prienholly-tse3jessicakupferman
Leaders: Alison Marks, Alexis Neely, Rebecca Prien, Holly Tse, Jessica Kupferman


Yes, I want to double my income before March 2013 AND I want an action plan I can’t wait to implement. I’m going to make this my best year ever for my business and my life. I’m ready!!


moduletop whyicreated I know how painful it can be to have gifts to share but not know how to manifest them through my own business.

Right now, I’m running my dream business. But I spent YEARS longing to start my own company — and not doing it.

I was too big—too passionate—too fiery to work for others but too scared to be an entrepreneur.

For a while, I tried to convince myself I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur (mainly because I was terrified that I couldn’t cut it as one).

Sure, other glorious, radiant folks could enjoy abundant financial prosperity while devoting themselves to living their purpose, but not me. Oh, I had a long list of reasons why not.

I’m a lawyer. I’ve got a finance degree. I knew all the ins and outs of that linear stuff — and I was terrified by the idea of starting a business!

So I hid in the safe, 6-figure legal consulting world. I was making lots of money but was totally MISERABLE, confused, empty, and conflicted. There was a chasm between my day-to-day life and my true purpose.

I felt drawn to prosper through meaningful service. I knew that there had to be a better way.

Being an entrepreneur was the only option for me, but I was too afraid to pursue it.

But then I hit a wall and made an all or nothing decision. I decided to do whatever it took to make my business succeed, even it it meant liquidating my retirement account and all my assets.

I invested in a mentor… and then another. I busted through all of my fears and finally the clients started pouring in.

These mentors changed the trajectory of my life and business, they believed in me, and they taught me the nuts ‘n’ bolts business basic to launch my dream business.

This is no cakewalk, my friends, but it really can be so much easier.

I made my way through the fiery struggles of starting a business, getting it established, and creating positive cash flow. Along the way, I became an expert at business design.

I’m thrilled to share what I figured out on my journey, so you can avoid the pitfalls I encountered and make more money with less effort.

I imagine you’re motivated and informed — which means you’re overwhelmed with information!

I love breaking things down in a step-by-step way and making things easy to understand.

Seriously. I’ve spent over $50K on mentors, programs, and trainings to learn all this stuff. And I’m thrilled to condense it all into an easy, soul-full, program for you — for FREE!

I’ve met so many dear, creative, right-brained people struggling with the concrete, linear how-tos of building their businesses. I love the practical. I’m here to bridge the gap between creative-intuitive-soul-full purpose — and nuts ‘n bolts business savvy. I support passionate people like you in building your business success — while staying connected to your deeper power and spirit.

I’ve crafted the Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Revolution with all my love, smarts, and soul, so you have every tool you need to create a successful, heart-based business. If you’re a heart-based entrepreneur, this is a game-changer.

The Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Revolution helps you create a business plan that’s infused with everything that’s oh-so-juicy-you and flexible enough to grow right along with you!

Succulent Purpose + Savvy Action = A Business Plan (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!)

What is Succulent Business Planning?

It’s a revolution in business!

Welcome to business that’s fun, juicy, soul nourishing, and contributes to the world you serve. It’s a heart-based business model founded on the pure, natural, enchanting essence that is you at your core.


Can you imagine having more time, more money and more freedom running a business that you just love?

I’m living it. It’s magnetic, aligned, and transparently soul-full. I want that for you, too!

You have the same magnetism inside you.

How does it work??

We start with what’s deep inside of you: your succulent, radiant life purpose. When we ground ourselves here, everything becomes easy—from marketing to sales, business structures to financing. This deeper sense of mission infuses all of your business to-dos with flow, joy, and ease. (Really!)

Sound too good to be true? Goodness, goddess, it’s not!

Sign up and see for yourself!!!!